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Studio Product Photography

With studio product photography you can get exactly what you want. Soft light, hard light, hair light, warm light, cold light, background, everything is under your control. If you are a tremendously creative person who knows how to use studio equipment, you’ll get wonderful results.



Lifestyle Product Photography

Lifestyle Product Photography is a great way to really promote your product. This is an increasingly popular trend for product photography, showing your product in its natural environment and styled to enhance its appearance. All products make a promise to the buyer: to change their life for the better. Before buying, however, people want to see how, and in what context, a product is used. Lifestyle product photos sell a customer on a piece by helping them visualise it in context. In any lifestyle product photograph, the context is as important as the product. Lifestyle photos illustrate that all-important promise of your product to convey not only the features of your item but the desired lifestyle of the potential buyer.



Macro Product Photography

Extreme close-up photography, usually of very small subjects, in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size.




360 Degree Product Photography

If you are requiring a full 360° spinning view of your product for your website we can take care of that. 360° interactive product photography is a technique by which a series of photos are taken of an object as it rotates one full revolution and compiling them into one, feature rich, animation, customers are able to interact with your product.



Composite Product Photography

Sometimes the best way to create a particular look or solve a technical problem is to combine or composite several photos. This ensures all aspects of your product are displayed with the best possible lighting within the final image. In order to create a finished photo of superior quality, the varying elements often benefit from being lit and photographed differently. The separate photographs are then combined in image processing programs to create a finished image that is of a much higher quality than would be possible using a single exposure. The extent of this individualised service is determined by product requirements. Not every product will need this special attention, while others will benefit immensely from it.

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