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New Zealand Photo Art services include

  • Product photography
  • Food photography
  • Jewellery photography
  • Commercial photography
  • Advertising photography – Photography made to illustrate and usually sell a service or product.
  • 360° product photography – A photographic technique by which a series of photos are taken of an object as it rotates one full revolution and compiling them into one.
  • Creative product photography – For any high end advertising image it will usually require a fresh visual idea that sets your brand and products apart from the rest.
  • Lifestyle product photography – Showing your product in its natural environment and styled to enhance its appearance.
  • Macro product photography – Extreme close-up photography, usually of very small subjects, in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size.
  • Studio product photography – With studio product photography you can get exactly what you want. Soft light, hard light, hair light, warm light, cold light, background. Everything is under your control.
  • Industrial product photography – We can set up specialist studio facilities in your factory.
  • Composite product photography – Combine or composite several photos of a product to ensure all aspects of your product are displayed with the best possible lighting within the final image.
  • Lightpainting product photography – Light painting results when a hand-held light source is used in a dark room selectively illuminate parts of a product.
  • Image editing and enhancing
  • Full retouching – Removing objects, stains or dust and to ensure that your products are free of any manufacturing imperfections.
  • Masking service – ‘Cut out’ your image, removing the background so that the file can be layered over other backgrounds.
  • Easy to use images – Supplied images in the exact format you want to meet your needs, for web or print.
  • Custom resising – This allows the delivered images to be uploaded directly onto your retail website without additional work.
  • Studio & location work


  • Consultation – Before shooting your products, we will discuss your ideas then use our experience to determine the best way to photograph your products.
  • Product Preparation – Each product is cleaned by hand to remove dust prior to photographing. Minor assembly or other preparation is also being performed.
  • Post Production – Each photograph goes through hand retouching prior to final delivery. We examine and adjust colour and brightness ensuring the proper tone and an exposure. Noticeable dust or scratches that may remain are expertly removed with computer image editing software.


We make it easy for you

  • Fast turnaround, no booking fees, no deposit.
  • All inclusive pricing so no surprises.
  • All photographs are fully colour managed.
  • Every image individually edited to look great.
  • All photographs are high-resolution digital files – for printing, brochures, etc.
  • Web-resolution files if required for use on the web.
  • All images provided in the exact format you require – GIF, PNG, JPEG, exact dimensions etc.
  • Royalty-free license for images – use them wherever and for as long as you like!
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