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Photography Techniques

How do you make a product appealing enough so that when viewers look at it, they feel that they must buy it? This is the goal of product photography. Today, even the most innovative product will simply not make a good sale if it is not photographed. A photo speaks a thousand words, and with today’s advanced photography techniques, it is even more so.

High quality product photography involving special lighting, complex angles or setups, movement, reflections, etc. We take additional time to create a custom lighting plan and use as many professional grade studio strobe lights as needed, along with reflectors and light absorbers, to take advantage of your product’s individual shape, texture and lighting requirements, thereby achieving the best possible image with a single exposure. We will attempt to photograph your product from the most attractive angle, and one that is as consistent as possible from product to product.

An important part of creating a successful photograph of your product involves capturing the actual image, conveying subtleties and textures in the product’s materials and maintaining colour fidelity. Contrast in photographic composition is an effective means of directing the viewer’s attention to the centre of interest.

We pay close attention to lighting, colour management and other technical considerations to provide superior product photography for our clients.

Technical considerations include

  • Positioning and light controlling
  • “Posing” the product effectively
  • Finding the correct camera angle
  • Highlighting important features selectively
  • Lighting problematic material such as shiny, reflective, metallic, textured, and dull matte surfaces
  • Choosing the right background
  • Employing filters
  • Adding and positioning props


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