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Digital Photography Studio

New Zealand Photo Art make use of modern digital photography technology and professional lighting equipment to photograph your products in the best light possible, create stunning photography style that is crisp, sharp and crystal clear. Featuring single or multiple camera setups, specialised macro photography equipment, wireless radio-controlled strobes, soft boxes, light tent, diffusers, light absorbers, reflectors, etc. The quality and high definition of our photography services is sure to satisfy your requirements. Our studio is not a factory – we will spend time to get it right for you.

Different background surfaces

The background is almost as important element in good composition as the camera angle. The background should be subordinate to the product in both tone and interest.

Flat White Surface – This is your standard white background with no frills. It’s seen on e-commerce websites all over the world and has become a bit of a standard. This works well with almost any products.



Glossy White Surface – Our glossy white surface shows a faint reflection of your product in the foreground of the image, giving it a clean sense of dimension. This is highly recommended for cans and bottles.



Glossy Black Surface – This is a very clean, modern, background. Popularised by Apple computer, it is now associated with high-end electronics. This background is really great for products with shiny, speculiar facets like jewellery, watches and some electronics, because the lighting “pops” against the dark black surface.


Flat Black Surface – Make the product stand out without any reflection.


Other specialised backgrounds are also available.

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