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Category: Photography Techniques

Impart Emotion to a Photograph

Some photos just capture your attention and you don’t know why? And often it is something simple, like a doorway or a burnt tree. You stare at them as if the photo wants to tell you something. Most probably it is because the photo has a story to tell. The photographer was able to capture
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Take Control Of Your Camera

“One of the many revelations that photographers have is discovering the difference between letting your camera decide how to do something, and telling your camera what to do.”  James Brandon The camera doesn’t see what we see, and we need to be both highly aware of that and know how to compensate for it. The
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Understanding Your Camera

Understanding what is happening inside the camera when you press the shutter button can help you make better decisions when you take a photo. Remember that a camera simply records the light in a scene, or the light reflected off the subject. There is no other magic to it. Professional photographers love to say: “Photography
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Light Modifiers

Light modifiers, also sometimes referred to as light shaping tools, are all about controlling the light, which effectively diffuses or redirects the initial light source. They are ideally suited for creating interesting and controllable illumination. It can become addictive to control the light because of all the creative possibilities you open yourself up to. It
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Artificial Light

Photography lighting is an art, and to subscribe to the idea that there is one best type of lighting to use is to limit your expression of the art. There is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to lighting. The lighting you use comes down to what you want to achieve. Learning
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Exploited Natural Light

A paint artist needs to know what colours are on their palette before starting a painting. Since photography is an art of painting with light, it is just as important for a photographer to know what is on their palette. One of the beauties of natural light sources like sunlight is that it can create
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Any photographer will tell you that photography is all about light. We often take light for granted, but once you pick up a camera, you learn to appreciate light. Lighting is a fun aspect of photography to play with, even when you’re not sure what you’re doing, and can be easily and cheaply exploited by
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After I bought my very first camera as an amateur photographer, I only focused on the light and did not pay attention to where the shadows fell. I now realise what a pity this was that I did not know any better. Shadows are not simply a dark mass that borders the light, but an
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Painting with Light

Light painting is a photographic technique often used to add drama to a picture, but also to solve lighting problems. With this technique you have lighting control over every aspect of the subject, by using hand-held lights to selectively illuminate and/or colour parts of the subject, while taking a long exposure photograph. Light painting requires
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Composite Photography

One of the joys of the digital era of photography is the ability to create images that aren’t possible in reality. Sometimes the best way to create a particular look or solve a technical problem is to illuminate and photograph the varying elements of the product separately, and then combine or composite the photos. This
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