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At New Zealand Photo Art we understand how to make a product appealing enough so that when viewers look at it, they feel that they must buy it. This is the goal of product photography. Read more


Lifestyle Product Photography

All products make a promise to the buyer: to change their life for the better. Lifestyle product photos illustrate that all-important promise of your product to convey not only the features of your product but the desired lifestyle of the potential buyer.


360 Degree Product Photography

A technique by which a series of photos are taken of your product as it rotates one full revolution and compiling them into one, feature rich, animation, customers are able to interact with your product.


Composite Product Photography

To ensures all aspects of your product are displayed with the best possible lighting, the varying elements of your product being lit and photographed differently. nzphotoart-home02The separate photographs are then combined to create a finished photo of superior quality.


Macro Product Photography

Our studio are equipped with specialised macro photography equipment to perform extreme close-up photography, usually of very small subjects.


Studio Product Photography

To create photographs that is crisp, sharp and crystal clear, we make use of modern digital photography technology and professional wireless radio-controlled lighting equipment to photograph your products in the best light possible.




“What a wonderful experience to work alongside Jaco from New Zealand Photo Art. We’ve experienced Jaco as highly professional and confident in his profession. ”  Renthia Auret – Corrosion Control NZ Ltd

“Jaco is really talented professional and fast, he is passionate about his job, he took the photos of our products to a new level where you can feel the photos are really going to pop out of the screen.”  Marwa – Art of Copper Ltd

“My brief was: “Make them look better than my competitors” Not only did Jaco meet my expectations, he surpassed them, the quality of his work is second to none.”  Grant Callander – New Zealand Exports International Ltd

“Jaco is a real artist and bring out more than I ever thought possible with the photos he has taken for my book.”  Nabreska du Plessis – NZ Local Business Marketing

“Working with Jaco at NZ Photo Art has just been an easy, fun and awesome experience. We found Jaco to be polite, helpful, professional and a real humble guy with a huge passion for product photography.  We are very pleased with our photos, he completed the job quicker than expected, had no problem doing anything additional with excellent quality. I would definitely recommend Jaco for product photos. He’s totally awesome and we will be using them again in the future.”  Gustavia Lui – Staavias Ltd



“Jaco was such a find! His professionalism and flexibility in being able to accommodate my requirements right from the start gave me a great sense of confidence in my project turning out successfully. My product needed to be photographed in such a way that it ‘came alive’ in print, not an easy thing to accomplish, and Jaco did such a superb job that I would never go to anybody else to photograph my work. The end product aside, Jaco was a pleasure to work with; attentive, intuitive and gracious.”  Claudine Kitson

“Jaco was extremely professional and accommodating. We were thrilled with the results and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jaco.”  Nicky Robertson – BOA Ltd


Jaco’s creative and stimulating images play a dynamic role in the success of his clients’ businesses. Jaco is committed to capturing images with a sense of honesty and creativity. His photographs are emotions, captured by light, and result in the products coming to life. READ MORE

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